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Building Genuine Connections

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Hi, I'm Rowena


From a very young age, I knew I wanted to entertain people, and it all began when I started impersonating those around me. When I was 5, my ballet teacher had a broken ankle, which made her teach with a limp. When my parents saw me perform in my dance recital at the end of the semester, my mom was concerned I was injured or something else was wrong, when I had actually studied my teacher to learn how to dance with a limp. Luckily, I did eventually lose the faux limp.

I live to spark joy in those around me.

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After graduating high school, I moved out to Los Angeles to attend AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts to get my BFA in Acting. In 2018, I graduated and have remained in L.A. ever since, growing and furthering my career in the industry. My mission is to use my platform to spread love, light, and positivity with the world in whatever way I can.


My life story has expanded from silly impersonations to include acting, modeling, dancing, and reiki healing. Through all of these methods, I am able to inspire imagination, initiate creative conversations, and ignite light in people all around the world.

About Me Photo 2.jpg

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